Watch the world’s first therapeutic fish commercial in the ocean

Watch the world’s first therapeutic fish commercial in the ocean

By the time the fish were released from the boat, the fish had been cleaned of their parasites.

It was the most thorough clean-up in history.

“It was an amazing moment for me.

I’m glad that my parents were here to see it, to see how the fish reacted,” says Laura DellaVigna, a nurse from the town of Tijuana, California.”

They were so impressed,” says DellaVillage, who is now the first person to fly in from the US to experience therapy fish commercially.”

This is a good sign for us that people are still interested in the process,” says Dr Marcela Hernandez, head of clinical research at the Tijuana hospital.”

We know from the studies that people want to try it out and to see the results.”

Therapy fish, which are produced from marine plankton and used in the treatment of human diseases such as lung cancer, are not new.

They were introduced into the wild in the 1960s by the US government, which says they help to control the spread of cancer.

The fish are now widely used in commercial fish farms, but only recently have they become commercially viable.

There is currently only one species of therapeutic fish commercially available, the Ticonderoga sockeye salmon.

It is a small fish that measures just 13cm long and weighs around 3.5kg.

It can be used for treatment in humans and has been tested on a number of people.

The US government has also been working with Tijuana fishermen to introduce therapeutic fish into the aquaculture industry.

But they are still waiting for their first commercially viable fish.

Therapy is a treatment in which a group of fish are placed in a tank with a small quantity of a therapeutic drug, such as methotrexate.

The fish will be fed the drug, which has a low toxicity to humans.

The method is not entirely new.

In the 1960’s, researchers began using the same method for treating fish infections in human laboratories.

But it has been decades since the first commercial therapeutic fish was commercially available.

The therapeutic fish are usually used in hospitals, where they can be administered to people with lung infections.

The Tijuana clinic that performed the therapeutic fish in this case is one of the world´s oldest.

“I was surprised when I heard that this is the first time that a therapeutic fish has been commercially available in the US,” says Professor Michael Stansbury, head medical director at the University of California, San Diego.

“In the 1970s, this fish was available only for use in hospital settings.”

“The problem with therapeutic fish is that they are very expensive, they can cost up to $2,000 a kilogram,” he says.

“It’s hard to sell fish for that price, but it is cheaper than traditional medicine.”

The Ticotenoga sockeyes are not the only therapeutic fish to have arrived in the United States.

In 2004, researchers in California used the therapeutic fishing technique to introduce the fish to humans for the first ever time.

The technique is called deep sea extraction, and it involves injecting the fish with a mixture of methotexate and a chemical called triclosan.

Injections are then carried out by attaching a mask to the fish, and the fish is immersed in a special bath containing methotEX and triclasan.

When the fish are ready, the mask is removed and the methotX is injected into the fish.

“You inject the methexyex to the skin and you start the methetX to work through the tissue,” says Stansberry.

“Then you get the methaX to move through the fish.”

The metha X is then injected into a vein, which is then connected to a needle.

The methot treatment is effective for lung cancer patients and other patients who are at high risk for lung infections, but the fish does not cure the cancer.

Stansbury says the therapeutic fishery may be able to bring a small market to Tijuana if it can get people interested in using the fish in the clinic.

“The TIC is one way of making sure that the therapeutic fishermen can continue to make a profit, and that’s important to them,” he said.

“The market has to be there to keep the fishery alive.”

The therapeutic fishers are still looking for their next target.

“There are no guarantees, but I would say we are looking for a commercial fishery in the region,” says Hernandez.

“That would be the next step, we would like to see a commercial one that is going to be able take this on.”

But in the meantime, the therapeutic fisherman is busy helping others understand how therapeutic fish work.

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