When you think fish, think sal – the world’s largest sal- and salmon-fish factory opens

When you think fish, think sal – the world’s largest sal- and salmon-fish factory opens

Bendota fish-farming giant, Sal’s Sal- and Sal-monfish Factory, has opened its doors in Bentota.

The new facility in Bentotas CBD is home to the world-leading Sal-and-Salmon factory, with a capacity of 20,000 head of salamanders per day.

The company is in a unique position to grow its business and become a world leader in the production of sal ammonis.

Sal’s salamander factory has been producing salamandromes for more than 100 years and Sal’s products are used to treat patients with sal-induced arthritis, heart conditions and conditions such as asthma.

The Bentotanese government recently announced that it will invest $100 million to upgrade Bentota’s public transport network.

Bendota Mayor Jim Brown said the company’s facility was a “game-changer” for the town, adding that Sal’s facility would provide a “big boost” to Bentotans CBD.

“This facility will be a great opportunity for the community to benefit from the economic and industrial benefits of Sal’s operations,” Mr Brown said.

Sal- and Salmon-Farming Industry Minister Tim Jones said the facility would be a “win-win for the entire region”.

“Sal’s Sal and Salmon have been at the forefront of the global sal-fishing industry for over 100 years, and we are excited to partner with Sal’s to grow our industry here in the UK,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said Sal’s had been working with the Bentota Council to make sure the community benefited from Sal’s activities.

“Sal has provided a valuable economic boost to Bentota and we’re confident the new facility will provide a much-needed boost to the town,” Mr Smith said.

“The Bentota Chamber of Commerce and Industry are delighted to have a strong partner like Sal’s in our region and we look forward to working with Sal on future projects in the region.”

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