The story of a kiwi who is now a fish therapy fisher

The story of a kiwi who is now a fish therapy fisher

This article first appeared on the Reuters website.

It is reprinted here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

A man in New Zealand has become the first human being to successfully treat a kangaroo fish phobia with fish therapy.

In August 2017, the 37-year-old man, who is not named in the story, told a friend about his fear of sharks.

He described it as “unbearable”.

He also said that he had been to the ocean twice and only recently returned to the water.

When the friend asked what he was doing at the time, he told her that he was fishing.

The next day, he called the New Zealand Association of Fish and Game (NZAFG) and told them that he felt like a shark was lurking nearby.

He said that his friend was worried that he might have been bitten.

He was diagnosed with a rare and rare condition known as kangaroos hyperreactivity disorder (KHPSD), which causes a fish’s body to swell and contract.

In severe cases, KHPSD can lead to the fish being paralyzed.

The fish therapy man was initially put on anti-fishing medication to calm his fear.

He was able to successfully take fish out of his tank and onto the reef, but said that a few days later he was able, for the first time, to fish with his own hands.

“It was amazing to me,” he told New Zealand’s ABC news.

“I can feel it in my fingers and toes and everything.

It was very, very scary.”

He was able because his body responded to the medication by inflating and contracting.

The response is similar to that of the human immune system, which produces antibodies that attack any foreign substances in the body, including the kangaroo.

The man said that fish therapy was an unusual treatment for him, since it was not something that had been done in the past.

He added that he thought the fish therapy method would help him with the fear.

“The problem with me is I can’t really swim, I can only swim for about 20 metres, and I can just see them coming and then they go,” he said.

He also had a fear of other animals, which led him to fish more, which is the normal response to a fish phobic condition.

He said that when he returned to his home on the North Island, he felt relieved and happy.

“For the first couple of days, it was difficult to get out of bed,” he added.

“But after that, I was completely at ease.

It has been very good.”

My first couple days back were the happiest times of my life.

“The man is a member of NZAFG and he is now seeking funding to develop a clinical trial.

The New Zealand Fish and Wildlife Authority (NZFA) is the country’s animal welfare regulator.NZFA president Richard Sennett told the ABC that the organisation was aware of the man’s case and that the NZAFE had taken steps to ensure the fish was handled humanely.”

We are working closely with the NZ Fish and Wildlife Authority (NFWA) to ensure that the man receives a fair trial and we take all appropriate steps to support him in achieving his long-term well-being,” he wrote in an email.”

In line with our policies, NZAFES is responsible for the safety of our members and the safety and welfare of our animals.

NZAFAs primary responsibility is to ensure NZFAs members and other NZFIs are safe and well-trained to protect our natural heritage.NZFAs fish conservation policy is a key area in which it is important that members have access to information about and assistance for their needs.

The organisation is also considering a further update to its guidelines.

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