Which Fish Therapy Centers Are Right For Your Fish Anxiety?

Which Fish Therapy Centers Are Right For Your Fish Anxiety?

We all know how stressful it can be to be on the receiving end of a big-ass tuna and how difficult it can make you feel to try and keep a fish from starving.

But which fish therapy centers are the best for your fish anxiety?

We talked to experts from across the country to find out.

We’ve compiled the top five best fish therapy locations in each state and have compiled a list of our favorites below.

And don’t forget, we’re keeping an eye on other big-name fish therapy facilities that are also offering fish therapy services.

To find your favorite fish therapy center, check out the Fish Therapy Index.

If you’re looking for an alternative treatment for fish anxiety but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a list that includes plenty of alternatives, too.


P.C. Fish Therapy, Pensacola, Florida, USA P.T. Fish and Wildlife, the nation’s largest and most respected fish therapy facility, is the largest fish therapy program in the United States.

Located in Pensacolas hometown, P.I., the facility is one of only two federally-licensed fish therapy programs in Florida, and its services are well-regarded by both patients and veterinarians.

P-T offers a variety of services, including acupuncture, hydrotherapy, stress relaxation, and acupuncture for arthritis, skin diseases, depression, anxiety, pain, and more.

PTC’s primary focus is on fish therapy: a therapy designed to help fish heal from their traumatic experiences with humans.

PTF also offers integrative care for fish, with specialized training and treatment options for mussels, crustaceans, fish parasites, and many other types of fish.

They also offer fish oil, which is used to treat the symptoms of fish anxiety.

PTA’s website provides detailed information on how to find a local P.A. Fish Therapist to work with you.

You can also find a P. T. Fish & Wildlife Center Near You (which offers a list) and a PTC Gift Card.

The PTC Fish Therapy Center is located in the P.F. T Building at 1 Ocean Drive, Pensafola, FL 34306.

PTT offers a wide variety of treatments for fish and aquatic species, including stress relaxation and acupuncture.

The program is certified by the American College of Fish and Aquarium Medicine, and is accredited by the Society for Veterinary Medicine.

The Fish Therapy Facility is the center of PTT’s care, and the clinic is open seven days a week.

For more information on PTT, visit their website.


Florida Fish Therapy and Treatment, Lakeland, Florida Flt Fish, or FMT, is a state-licensed Florida fish therapy organization that specializes in treating fish with a wide array of conditions including fish anxiety and fish related stress, along with other aquatic issues.

FMT also offers a range of services that include stress relaxation acupuncture, aquatic acupuncture, stress-relieving exercise, and fish oil treatment.

They offer acupuncture to all types of species, from snails to mussels.

Fmt has a large fish therapy collection in Lakeland and Lakeland Gardens, and has trained more than 1,200 fish therapy practitioners in the past 10 years.

The center is open for a wide range of clients, including fish and invertebrates, reptiles, and invertes.

For additional information on FMT and the Florida Fish and Therapy Center, visit the Fish Treatment Index.


Teton Fish Therapy & Clinic, St. Augustine, Florida Teton, located just a few miles south of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida is a major fish therapy and aquarium treatment center.

Founded in 1991, the center is a member of the American Association of Fish & Aquarium Medical Association and the American Academy of Clinical Fish & Wildlife Medicine.

It’s also accredited by ASCM, and offers its services as a registered veterinary fish therapy treatment center (VFTC) by the Florida Department of Health.

TFT offers stress relaxation massage and acupuncture, which are available to all species, regardless of species of fish or species of aquatic life.

The fish therapy clinic offers a large collection of fish and amphibian specimens.

For further information on the Teton FMT clinic, visit its website.


TEXAS Fish Therapy Institute, Austin, Texas TEXASTOR is the first licensed and federally-certified fish therapy agency in Texas.

Found in Austin, TEXUST, which was also named the top fish therapy fish therapy training center by the Association of Texas Fish and Wildlife Veterinarians in 2016, is certified in the following areas: Aquatic Therapy (waterfowl, trout, turtles, snapper, and all fish), Aquatic Rehabilitation (fish), Fish Rehabilitation Therapy (fish, amphibian, reptiles), Stress Reduction (fish) and Aquatic Anxiety (fish).

They offer a wide assortment of treatments and therapies

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