Japanese fishermen tokyos fishing therapy quote: ‘The fish have no personality’

Japanese fishermen tokyos fishing therapy quote: ‘The fish have no personality’

Japanese fishermen are being encouraged to turn to a new treatment for fish cancer after a series of positive results with a treatment for cancer patients.

The therapy involves using the fish’s venom to treat cancerous cells.

According to the treatment’s manufacturer, Tatsutome Gakken, the treatment was first developed in the 1970s by Japanese scientists to treat fish cancer.

It was used in humans to treat cancers of the lung, liver, kidneys and pancreas.

The treatment is now being used in Japan by fishermen who are being told to use it to treat their fish cancer and that they can continue using the venom to fight off the disease.

Tatsutote’s CEO, Masanori Yoshida, told Bloomberg the treatment has shown positive results in some cases.

“We can’t be sure how it works in people with cancer, but it’s shown that in patients with cancer it can reduce the symptoms,” he said.

He added that the treatment had also been proven effective in controlling the disease in fish, and that the fish can be treated by injecting the venom into their digestive tract.

“This treatment is effective against cancer, and it can be used in any type of cancer.

We don’t know how long the treatment will last, but we’re working hard to develop the technology,” he added.

A small group of Japanese fishermen who tested positive to Tatsuken for cancer in 2014 and 2015 have been offered a one-year extension of the treatment, and Yoshida said that the company is continuing to investigate the possibility of using the treatment in other fish cancers.

The fish venom, which was developed by Tatsuta and other Japanese researchers, has been found to be effective against cancers of fish.

It is currently used in a small group in Japan to treat tumors of the bladder, stomach, liver and pancresas.

The treatment has been proven to be safe in humans, but there is currently no way of testing it in fish.

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