Why we’re fishing in New Zealand’s fish tank

Why we’re fishing in New Zealand’s fish tank

The New Zealand Department of Conservation and Tourism has announced that it is launching a new program to help the country’s fishermen fish on their own.

The program will be run by the New Zealand Fish and Wildlife Trust and will allow people to fish in their own tanks to benefit from fish therapy.

In a statement, DFTT says that “fishing on our own is a key part of our natural history and has always been a significant part of fishing in the country.”

The program was initially launched last year to assist New Zealand fishermen with the recovery of their nets, but it has expanded to cover fish therapy facilities and has now expanded to other parts of the country.

The trust says that the program will help to help people recover from fish poisoning, reduce costs, and increase the availability of fish therapy services.

“The purpose of the program is to provide people with a safe, clean and sustainable fishing experience, so that they can continue fishing and enjoy the benefits of being able to catch fish from a safe and sustainable environment,” it said.

The trust hopes to expand the program to other regions of New Zealand.

It is also hoping to help new recreational fishers to find employment in the industry, as it has said that there are currently fewer than 15 full-time fishermen.

“We want to make sure that we have people that can make a difference, who are able to help out,” said DFTO’s fishery manager, Sarah Jones.

“This will also be able to give us access to new resources and new markets.”

The trust also hopes to help fishermen to get their boats insured, which is expected to cost $3,000 per boat.

It says that if there are no new jobs for New Zealand fishers, the trust is looking to raise funds to help them continue fishing.

“We know that it can be difficult to find a good job in this industry, so we are hoping that the New Zee will be able provide jobs that are safe, rewarding and can help people find their livelihood,” it says.

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