When you don’t have money, you go fish? This guide to Turkish fishing says what you need to know

When you don’t have money, you go fish? This guide to Turkish fishing says what you need to know

Turkish fish therapy is a controversial treatment used in Turkey to treat some of the countrys most severe ailments.

The treatment is popular with people suffering from anxiety and depression but it has also been associated with several cases of suicide.

Al Jazeera spoke to Turkish fish therapist Yavuz Sülkin, who is one of the first Turkish doctors to prescribe the therapy in the country.

We are asking you to take care of your health.

Yavoz Sülskin is a Turkish fish medicine doctor and author of the book Turkish Fish Therapy.

Al-Jazeera: What is Turkish fish treatment?

Yavos Sülikskin: Turkish fish is a type of fish that is considered a food, a natural product.

This type of animal, which is also called mussels, has been a source of food and medicine for the Turkish people for hundreds of years.

It is a rich source of protein, fat and calcium.

But its very important that you eat the fish properly and not eat too much of it.

Turkey is a country that has a very strict dietary system, but that also means it has a different way of thinking about food.

You have to make your diet according to your needs.

Turkey’s fish therapy uses fish from the lake, the river and the sea to treat certain symptoms.

There are different types of fish therapy.

You can find the treatment in many fish restaurants and in shops.

What is the difference between Turkish fish and Japanese fish?

Turkish fish has a special structure that is different from Japanese fish.

Turkey uses Japanese and Chinese varieties of fish for its treatment.

We have some of these Japanese fish, but we have some Turkish fish.

The fish that we use in Turkish fish are the fish from Lake Evrei and the rivers that it flows through.

There is a different type of Japanese fish that has been used for Turkish fish for years.

Turkey has also adopted fish from some other countries, such as India and Japan.

Do fish therapy treatments help with anxiety?

Yevgeny Zalas, a fish therapy expert: Turkey has a lot of problems with anxiety.

This treatment is used by many people.

It may help people to relax.

It can also help people recover from some mental health problems.

What are the most common symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is a common mental illness.

It affects a large percentage of people, but for some people, it may be a temporary thing.

There can be many symptoms of panic, anxiety, depression and even panic attacks.

We don’t want to get into that too much, because these are temporary things.

People have to take a few days off to recover.

How much should a person pay for Turkish treatment?

People need to be aware that Turkey has been using this treatment for many years.

This is something that people have been doing for many, many years and it is not a very expensive treatment.

For Turkish fish, the price depends on how long it is used and how long you have been taking it.

We recommend that you pay around 10 to 15 Turkish lira ($7 to $12) a month for Turkish therapy.

For this treatment, it is recommended that you take at least six to eight sessions a week.

How do you prescribe the Turkish treatment and what are the benefits of it?

The Turkish fish healing treatment is based on Turkish medicine.

Turkish medicine is a medical method that involves the use of fish from a lake and other natural resources.

You are using the fish in order to heal your mind.

The way it is formulated in Turkey is very different from that of traditional Chinese medicine, for example.

The main benefit of this treatment is that it is very effective.

You do not need to eat anything.

It does not take a lot to heal you.

How is it different from other types of therapy?

It is very similar to traditional Chinese treatments.

The Chinese method of treatment is not for everyone, but there are many people who have taken it and have been able to feel a lot better and to be able to get back to their normal life.

Turkey also uses the fish for various health problems like asthma, liver disease and hypertension.

What should I do if I have an anxiety disorder?

Turkish treatment is very popular with patients with anxiety disorders, especially for those who suffer from anxiety, but you can also get some results from other methods, such a psychotherapy or a meditation.

You may also want to check with a mental health professional.

Can Turkish fish treat depression?

Yeva Aliyev, a Turkish therapist who specializes in Turkish medicine: There are many different types and types of Turkish fish treatments.

There will also be a range of treatment methods depending on your particular condition.

But the most important thing is that the treatment is effective and you feel a sense of relief.

Turkey used to use this treatment in the 1980s but it

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