Fish tank therapy to treat chronic wounds

Fish tank therapy to treat chronic wounds

Fish tank therapists will soon be able to perform surgery to treat fish ailments.

The Australian Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has released a new list of “fish tank therapists” who will be able apply for funding.

This will help fund the treatment of conditions such as cancer, fish emphysema and parasites.

The list includes veterinarians, marine veterinary surgeons and orthopedic surgeons.

Dr Daniele Pernetti from the AVMA’s Animal Welfare and Animal Welfare Practice Group said it was a huge step forward.

“For people who can’t afford the surgery themselves, this is the first step towards a much cheaper and less invasive option,” he said.

“It’s about providing the treatment to people who are in the situation that they don’t have the money or access to the treatment.”

There’s a need for it because of the amount of fish that get stuck in our tanks.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in cancer cases among pet fish, which is a big concern.”

The list of fish tank therapists is the latest to be released as the Australian government looks to expand access to new treatment options.

Dr Pernett said it is important that those in need of a fish tank treatment were able to access it.

Dr Parnetti said there was a shortage of veterinary surgeons in the country. “

If you have a serious health condition or you’re struggling to pay the bills, there are also a lot of people who need this type of treatment.”

Dr Parnetti said there was a shortage of veterinary surgeons in the country.

“So we have got to address that issue,” he added.

He said the availability of veterinarians was critical for people in the community, as they were able “to give a better voice”.

“It means a lot to people and to people in a way that can be helpful to people.”

The Australian Government has said it will look at how the process works and if the fund can be expanded.

Dr John Taylor, from the Australian Veterinary Society, said the fund was not intended to replace the vet, but to provide people with an alternative to hospital treatment.

He also questioned why there was no list of surgeons who were able and willing to provide the surgery.

“The funding process is a bit of a conundrum, because there are so many people who want to do it,” he told the ABC.

“And the fact that it’s being funded through the AVA is a really great thing, but the problem is it’s just not happening.”

Dr Taylor said there are still “a lot of issues” that need to be addressed to make fish tank therapy more accessible to people.

“There are a lot more issues that need addressed that need addressing, not just for fish, but for people and pets in general,” he concluded.

“Hopefully we’ll be able do something with this that will make it easier for people to get through their pain and get better.”

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

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