When you’re talking about fish therapy, you might be talking about speech therapy

When you’re talking about fish therapy, you might be talking about speech therapy

When you think of fish therapy you might think of speech therapy, a therapy that involves speaking in a specific way to fish.

But fish therapists are not the only ones who can use speech therapy.

In fact, there are a number of speech therapists that specialize in speech therapy for fish, including Dr. Steven A. Kramar and his colleagues at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Fish therapy is a unique approach to speech therapy that focuses on a fish’s language and emotional response to an environmental situation.

As part of this research, Dr. Krams’ team used a fish as an example of a person who has difficulties speaking.

“Our study was designed to help fish therapists, who have a variety of communication difficulties, understand the cognitive processes involved in speaking fish,” Dr. Drayson said.

In this experiment, the fish was a bream.

To help the fish, Drayson’s team created a video clip of the fish and presented it to the fish.

The fish’s response was captured in this clip, and the researchers analyzed the responses to the sound of the sound, the number of syllables in each syllable, and how it felt to hear each sylleme.

They also looked at the amount of time that the fish took to respond to the sounds.

Dr. Averley’s team used the fish as a case study to help guide the research.

Dr. Ayer’s team looked at a fish from the same species, and they used the same techniques to make sure the fish did not exhibit any cognitive difficulties.

The researchers analyzed their data and concluded that, even though the fish does not exhibit cognitive difficulties, its communication and social responses are still affected by cognitive dysfunction.

For fish therapists who specialize in fish therapy for speech therapy and are interested in learning more about this treatment, Drayan’s team is currently running a study that will include more fish.

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