The Miami Therapy Fishing Center is in talks to open a new seafood processing plant

The Miami Therapy Fishing Center is in talks to open a new seafood processing plant

Fishing therapy center miami therapeutic fishing has reached an agreement with a Florida fish farm that has offered to buy its fish processing facilities, a sign the center plans to reopen as a new fish processing facility in Miami, according to a press release.

The center was founded in 2012 by the owner of a popular seafood restaurant and was one of the few places in the state to offer a seafood processing and processing services to its customers.

“We have been looking for a good, local facility for many years,” said Debbie DeMille, the founder of Miami Therapy Fishery Center.

“The Fish Farms in Miami is an excellent facility for this new facility.”

DeMille said the center would open its first facility in March 2019, after which the center could open another facility in the next year.

The center plans on opening three other fish processing plants in Florida and one more facility in New York.

DeMilles said she and her husband started the center after they were turned away from another fish processing plant in the Miami area.

They were told that the other facility could not handle fish because it was a different species, she said.

“Our fish processing is one of our highest selling products in the country,” DeMilles told CBC News.

“We’ve seen it, heard it, felt it, and we’re not going to stop until we can get our fish back to where we need it to be.”

The center’s new facility will be located in the southeast corner of the center, near the Miami International Airport.

DeMills hopes that the facility will attract other seafood processing companies to the Miami region and to Miami, she added.

The new fish farm has not yet announced its opening date.

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