Fishing Therapy: The Irish fisherman pays his own way

Fishing Therapy: The Irish fisherman pays his own way

Fishing therapy pays.

Weligama is a small fishing village on the south coast of Galway, on the Irish Sea.

The fishermen here make their living by catching and selling fish to tourists.

The town has a population of around 4,000, but they are very proud of the fact that they catch the fish themselves.

“We sell them to our families in Ireland,” says Weligoma’s owner, Brendan Weligamas.

“My family will spend a week in a tiny village on a beautiful day, fishing, and the next day we bring it back to the hotel.”

He is one of many people in Galway who have taken advantage of the lucrative fishing season to buy fish for their families.

He says he was able to pay his own bill for the past few months with fishing therapy.

“I’ve been able to do this by fishing and then using a local company for the therapy.

We use a few different methods, such as fishing bait, the fishing net, and then we use a fish knife to cut it,” he explains.

Brendan Weigamas says his clients come from all over Ireland, with some from the UK, Canada and even Australia.

“There are a lot of people here who have been fishing here for a long time, so they know how to handle a lot.

They’ve had some experience fishing with a lot more power than I do.”

Brendan Weigsamos uses a fishing net to cut fish at Weligamos, in Weligamara, Galway.

He has had a number of clients who have benefited from his fishing therapy treatments.

Source: Cathal Noonan/The Irish Times More to come, with the rest of the stories of people like Brendan Werigamas.

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