How to get a good photo of Gianluigi Buffon – Football Italian

How to get a good photo of Gianluigi Buffon – Football Italian


If you are looking for a good selfie, take a photo of yourself on the field of play and post it on social media, the photos are shared by the public and will go viral.

It’s a tactic that will be used by every sports photographer on the planet.


In an effort to be more public about the sport, you can wear a jersey, cap and pants while shooting.

You should also wear a helmet if you are taking a picture of your opponent and a face shield if you have the chance.


A few days before a match, if the players are tired, they can take a break.

They should also take a nap after each game and then come back for a photo shoot the following day.


Take a picture from your seat at the game and post on Twitter and Facebook.

You can even post the photos on Instagram if you want to get some likes and comments.


Don’t be afraid to ask the fans for a selfie.

It doesn’t have to be something that the players do, just something they do for their fans.


If the fans want a picture, they are more than welcome to ask.

They will be more than happy to share the picture with their friends.


Don´t worry about the angle.

There is nothing wrong with taking a photo if you like it.

It is up to you if you take it at the right angle.


When the fans are at their seats, they usually take a few photos of each other before they go home.

They usually do not take a selfie with the coach or a photographer.


Be polite and respectful to the fans.

When they are sitting at their seat, you should ask if they would like a photo and if they want to do so they can.


Don`t be shy about showing your emotions.

Don�t try to hide your emotions, you don’t want to embarrass the fans by being too self-effacing.


Don t be afraid of the crowd.

The fans will know where you are and how you are feeling.


Be mindful of your breathing and heart rate.

Don be careful to take your time, because you are probably going to be in the stadium for an hour or more.

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