A new generation of fish therapy is on the way

A new generation of fish therapy is on the way

New Zealand’s government is trying to convince the countrys biggest fish farmers to switch to more effective fish-treatment methods.

The Ministry of Health and Primary Industries (MoHPI) says there are about 4,000 small and medium sized fish farms in New Zealand that use a range of fish- and feed-based therapies to improve their efficiency.

The MoHPI says a new generation has emerged from a previous generation of fisheries and is better suited to dealing with the demands of a growing global population.

It says the new generation’s use of fish products such as cod liver oil, mackerel and salmon, are cheaper than traditional fish treatment methods.

Its scientists are working on the new fish-based treatments to develop better and more efficient ways to treat fish that have been caught off the coast of New Zealand and have caught up with our current fish population.

The fish-foods ministry says the current treatments are more expensive than traditional treatments.

Its fisheries scientist said they are looking at using the fish-protein meal, which is commonly used in fish food, in place of fish liver oil.

It also said there was an increasing demand for alternative treatments, which are more environmentally friendly and can be used on small fish.

Its chief executive, David McLean, said the ministry was looking to encourage more commercial operators to adopt the new treatments.

He said there had been a lot of interest from farmers in New England and the UK.

“There are some fish farmers in the United Kingdom that are doing the same thing and we are seeing a great deal of interest in that.”

It is not known how much the new treatment will cost.

But, in New York, a fish farm in the Bronx has been using the treatment for five years.

Its head veterinarian, Daniel D’Angelo, said they were doing it in an environmentally friendly way and were hoping to be able to continue doing it for a few more years.


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