How to treat anorexia nervosa with fish spa

How to treat anorexia nervosa with fish spa

If you suffer from anorexic symptoms, you may have to seek out a treatment that involves fish.

Fish therapy is one such option, and the treatment is being used to treat sufferers of anorectic symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

According to an article in the British Medical Journal, fish therapy is used to help with the symptoms of an eating disorder, as it mimics the way an individual eats to treat their eating disorder.

The article explained that the therapy is based on the way a fish eats, including eating patterns and how they respond to food, which are closely tied to an eating problem.

“It’s a way of trying to mimic what a fish would eat, and how it’s supposed to feel, so it can help us with our symptoms of eating disorder,” Dr. Mark Wainwright, who heads up the Centre for Food and Drink Studies at the University of Reading, told the BBC.

The treatment works by mimicking the way that a fish reacts to different types of food, as well as its own digestive processes, according to the BBC article.

The article explains that fish therapy can help with eating disorders, including anorectal insufficiency, anorexy-type syndrome, and bulimia nervosa.

According to Dr. Wainwell, the treatment involves the treatment of the body’s appetite through a process known as endorphins, which release from the brain’s reward center and the hypothalamus, and can also help with anxiety, depression and anxiety disorders.

The therapy is not for everyone, however, and it can be quite dangerous.

It is not known how long it will last, and there are no proven treatments for anorexes.

It can also be very difficult to administer, according the BBC, and people with severe eating disorders should speak to their doctors first.

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