Trump administration seeks to block use of FDA-approved fish therapy on animals

Trump administration seeks to block use of FDA-approved fish therapy on animals

POLITICO Magazine | November 12, 2018 | 12:12:30PM President Donald Trump’s administration has announced a move to block the use of an FDA-approved drug for treating the symptoms of fish poisoning.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said Thursday it would revoke approval of a new fish therapy drug to treat symptoms of the disease.

The drug, known as fenbendazole, was approved in January 2016 for treating fish poisoning but has been in clinical trials in dogs and cats since 2014.

The FDA said the agency will revoke approval for the drug on November 15.FDA officials said in a statement that they had determined that the drug is not a drug for human use and therefore not subject to the agency’s anti-competitive policies.

They added that the Drug Enforcement Agency has “excluded fenboscept from consideration” for approval, because it is not approved for human consumption and because it does not comply with the agency-approved treatment schedule.

The agency said it has not received any complaints from patients or veterinarians about fenbi, or the drug, since the drug was first approved in 2016.

The agency did not provide a reason for the change in stance.

In addition to fenben, the Drug and Device Administration is reviewing a new drug that uses an in vitro model of the fish toxin.

FDA officials said it is reviewing that drug for safety and effectiveness.

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