Why are Irish fish therapy centres selling out?

Why are Irish fish therapy centres selling out?

A major fish therapy centre in Dublin has been forced to close by the EU after it was accused of treating fish that were sickly and dying.

The facility, which was owned by the Dublin Society of Fishermen, was founded in the early 1900s by brothers William and James Gorman.

However, the organisation has had to close after the European Commission’s Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found the fish therapy was not safe.

A spokesperson for the organisation said that the organisation had not been notified of any new cases and that the fish had been taken to a lab for testing.

The spokesperson said that there was no further information to be released at this time.

The Dublin Society said that it had had a zero-tolerance policy for the use of fish therapy, which included “no use of wild fish in commercial fishing”.

The group said that this was because it does not use any chemicals in its fish therapy and “no direct contact” between the fish and the therapeutic equipment is possible.

The organisation has been criticised by the European Parliament for its treatment of fish.

The EU’s Food and Consumer Agency (EFTA) has launched an investigation into the claims made by the Irish fish therapist.

The EFSA said that they had received a complaint about the fish treatment centre and that it was investigating.

The centre closed after the EFSA received the complaint.

The Irish government said that a “robust process” was in place to protect consumers from harmful products, including from products containing fish.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said that while it was “troubling that a number of products from a single company may pose a risk”, it had a robust process in place and that no new cases had been reported.

The Department said that “no decision has been taken about the closure of the centre”.

In a statement, the Department said the “company has been subject to a thorough investigation by the EFTA and is committed to fully co-operating with the agency”.

It added that the “Irish Department of Health, Food and Rural Affairs, and other partners have been notified”.

The Department of Finance has also issued a statement saying that the Department was “taking all necessary steps to protect the interests of Irish consumers”.

The company is a division of the Dublin City Council, which has owned the property since 1997.

It was also bought by the State in 2001.

The company was previously owned by Irish fishermen and was one of the first fish therapy facilities in Ireland.

The Government has previously stated that it is committed “to the highest standards of safety and quality”.

In June 2018, it said that since the centre opened, there had been an “unprecedented” increase in complaints about the treatment.

The Garda Siochana said that its investigation into claims that a fish therapy programme was “contaminating the fish supply” had led it to “immediately suspend any further operations”.

In July 2018, the Garda also launched an inquiry into claims by the Gardai that the centre had treated dead fish.

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