‘Fish therapy’ can help fish heal faster, more effectively

‘Fish therapy’ can help fish heal faster, more effectively

Now Playing: Trump’s first 100 days: The first 100 day list for Donald Trump and his administrationThe president’s administration has taken a hardline approach on trade, immigration and climate change.

And the administration’s decision to ban transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice has sparked outrage and backlash.

Here’s a look at some of the big stories and key moments in Trump’s 100 days.1.

Trump signs the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’The president signed an executive order Wednesday that rescinds a federal law banning the sexual orientation and gender identity of service members.

The measure allows troops to serve openly and is expected to bring some benefits to troops and their families.

Trump said he is making this change because it is important for our military to reflect the American people and reflect the values of this great nation.2.

Trump orders new investigation into Flynn’s contacts with RussiaDuring his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Trump defended his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and said that he has “complete confidence” in Flynn.

The president also said that “he will be treated fairly, fairly and fairly under this investigation.”

He said Flynn was forced out by President Barack Obama in the waning days of his administration because he did not comply with the president’s demands to protect the country.3.

Trump vows to ‘fix’ U.S. healthcare systemTrump signed a law Tuesday to streamline the process for people to buy health insurance.

The new healthcare plan will allow for people who already have insurance to get coverage if they make $25,000 or less and have health problems that would prevent them from getting coverage otherwise.4.

Trump fires FBI directorJames Comey and takes officeThe president fired FBI director James Comey on Tuesday after the former FBI director said he had decided to “let it go.”

Comey’s dismissal came less than two weeks after he testified to Congress that he had been told by the White House not to say anything to the FBI about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said Comey was “beating me up” and that he was trying to “get me to say something.”

He added that he wanted to let the investigation “play itself out.”5.

Trump says he has a ‘great’ relationship with ComeyThe president said he has had a “great relationship” with Comey.

He said that the FBI director “is a man of integrity and is doing the right thing, which is the truth.”6.

Trump’s son Eric, 16, gets first taste of the White Houses press briefingsThe first family has been under fire for not having the luxury of attending their own briefings.

The President’s eldest son Eric will get his first taste when he sits down with reporters Wednesday.7.

Trump promises to ‘do something’ about China’s trade practicesChina has been accused of abusing its market power and dumping U.K. goods in its ports to drive down prices in the U:A trade agreement signed by President Donald Trump this month would help curb the country’s trade surplus with the United States and boost U..

S.-China trade.

The trade pact calls for China to give greater scrutiny to its exports to other countries and allow more U.M. exports to U.L.O.T.E.N.-U.S., an alliance between the two nations.8.

Trump releases travel ban documentTrump announced on Tuesday that he would lift the travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Iran, as part of a sweeping move aimed at improving relations with Beijing.

The ban was enacted after President Barack Obamas administration blocked visas for people from those countries for at least 90 days.9.

Trump tweets that ‘nobody is more dangerous to the American way of life’Trump’s Twitter feed is a frenzied mix of pro-Trump tweets, insults and jokes.

Here are some of his most popular posts:10.

Trump criticizes ‘wacko’ Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader GinsburgTrump’s criticism of Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg has been one of his more vocal and colorful criticisms of the court’s conservative majority.

The criticism was sparked when she wrote in a 2011 opinion that she felt “disgusted” by the fact that the court was “wacky” about the case of Obergefell v.

Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.11.

Trump announces plan to reduce coal use in power plantsThe president tweeted Tuesday that “the United States has been cutting coal in half for a long time,” while the U-Haul and UPS coal companies were increasing the use of natural gas in their power plants.

He noted that the UHaul, UPS and other utilities have already “cut their coal use by 70 percent.”12.

Trump asks FBI director to resign after Comey leaksTrump’s request for the FBI to “unleash the full force of the law” against James Comey comes after the president fired

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