Fish therapy for chronic pain

Fish therapy for chronic pain

The price of fish therapy for pain from neck pain is about to jump.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday announced the first nationwide study of a new fish-based treatment for chronic neck pain.

The FDA says the treatment has shown success in people with moderate to severe pain.

It’s not yet clear how long the treatment will be available.

FDA is also working on an application to market the fish therapy treatment to people with chronic neck and shoulder pain, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters Health.

The FDA’s announcement was made in a news release from the agency’s Office of Dietary Supplements.

The agency says the FDA will make its final decision on whether to approve the treatment by April.

The drug, called betta-fibroblast-based fish therapy (BDFT), was developed by a team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego, who have also studied other new fish treatments, including a plant-based version of fish oil.BDFT treats chronic neck, shoulder and back pain by stimulating the production of prostaglandins, or substances that help regulate blood flow and ease pain, according to the FDA.

It works by targeting two proteins found in certain fish, betta and fibroblast.

They help control blood flow, and help lower inflammation and inflammation-related pain, the FDA says.

It may not be the only treatment available.

The new fish therapy comes just days after the FDA approved a plant oil alternative called bicarbonate of soda.

The bicaroside is a type of calcium carbonate that helps relieve pain in the neck and shoulders, and it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory, according the FDA’s website.

The new fish treatment was approved in November for people with acute neck pain, and more studies are planned to determine its effectiveness in people who have mild to moderate chronic neck or shoulder pain.

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