What is fishing therapy?

What is fishing therapy?

A new treatment for patients with a degenerative brain disease has been developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo. 

The technique, called Fish Therapy, was developed by an international team of scientists from the University’s School of Health Sciences and Technology.

The treatment is being developed to treat people with chronic brain diseases that have affected their ability to fish. 

“It is not about making the patient stronger, it is about enhancing their ability and the ability of their body to recover from a stroke or other injury,” Dr Masayuki Fukasawa, an associate professor at the School of Science, said.

“The aim of this research is to provide the patient with an opportunity to have fish therapy through the natural and human way.”

The fish therapy is designed to increase the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue by changing the composition of the brain’s water molecules.

It also allows patients to use the same water for both brain and body functions.

“By increasing the concentration of brain water, the patient is able to restore a range of functions including learning, memory, concentration, cognition and motivation,” Dr Fukasawasawa said.

“The treatment works with the brain to restore the function of the muscles and connective tissue, while improving the health of the nerve cells in the brain.

The research is being published in the Journal of Neuroimaging and Behavior.

Dr Fukaswasaw is a member of the team working on Fish Therapy.”

It has been a long process to develop this new treatment,” he said. 

Fishing therapy is not new to Japan.

In Japan, it has been used for more than 50 years to treat stroke patients.

It was first used in Japan in 1987 to treat patients who had lost their ability, but not all stroke patients had the same response.

The treatment was not approved in the US.

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