Mark Fisher says he’s still ‘100 percent’ against anti-vaccination sentiment

Mark Fisher says he’s still ‘100 percent’ against anti-vaccination sentiment

Mark Fisher, one of the stars of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” is not against the notion that vaccines are a necessary evil, and said on Twitter this week that “I think anti-vaxxers need to be reminded that vaccines can save lives and can prevent serious diseases like cancer, and are also safe for babies.

This is the truth, not the myths, not fear.

The real anti-Vaccine propaganda is coming from the media, Hollywood, politicians and the anti-science movement.”

Fisher has also been vocal about his belief in the vaccine as a necessary and effective treatment for autism.

Fisher told MTV News in December that “The truth is vaccines are an incredibly safe thing to give to infants.

The vaccine can be given to babies and it will be a very low dose and they’ll have very little side effects.

The risks are so low, and so low that it’s a very good thing to do.”

The actor is not the only actor who has expressed skepticism about the efficacy of vaccines.

On Sunday, former “The West Wing” star and Trump critic David Platt said on CNN’s “New Day” that “It is a joke to say that vaccines cause autism.

I mean, what is autism?

I mean it’s not an illness that a doctor would recommend vaccines for, that’s for sure.”

Trump, who has been critical of vaccines throughout his presidential campaign, told reporters on Tuesday that he is “not for vaccines.

I’m not a big fan of vaccines.”

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