What Sabrina Fish Therapy is All About: A Surprising History of the Art of Preventing Fish Poisoning

What Sabrina Fish Therapy is All About: A Surprising History of the Art of Preventing Fish Poisoning

Sabrina and her husband, Peter, have been fish therapy for over a decade.

The couple are passionate about keeping their fish safe, and Peter is a certified natural fish medicine expert.

Sabrina also works as a certified aquaculture trainer, and has helped educate millions of people about the benefits of keeping fish in their tanks.

The Sabrina-Peter Fish Therapy team has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a leading provider of safe fish tank care and prevention in the world.

They’ve taught thousands of people how to treat fish with fish-derived products, from gels to food supplements.

Learn more about fish therapy.

“I think one of the reasons we’ve been so successful is because of our passion for fish, and our passion to keep our fish healthy,” Peter Sabrina told MTV News.

“We want to do what we love, and we do what our passion tells us to do.

And we are not scared to try something new.

That’s what really drives us.

I think that’s really the key.”

Sabrina says that the Sabrina & Peter Fish Therapy program has been one of her favorite things to do, since the family began it nearly a decade ago.

The Fish Therapy process started in 2005, when Peter and Sabrina moved to a small community near the coast of Nova Scotia.

They started selling their products at pet shops and other retailers, and started the first Sabrina fish tank, called the Sabina Fish Tank.

Peter is also a certified organic aquaculturist, and his background in organic aquaponics is one of Sabrina’s biggest inspirations.

Sabina has been working on the Fish Therapy project for almost three decades.

She’s even given talks at schools and colleges, and says she has a new book on the horizon.

“I’ve been trying to do something similar for 20 years,” she told MTV.

“And then this idea came to me that I could take the Sabineys’ experience and apply it to aquacultural systems.”

Sabrina and Peter say that they’ve taken their passion for keeping fish safe and turned it into a brand-new product line.

Sabine’s fish tank and its products have been used in schools across Canada, and have been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as safe for humans.

The Fish Therapy line is currently being developed for commercial use in the United States, with plans to expand into Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Sabi says she hopes the Sabines’ product line will bring people a new perspective on fish and the aquacademy as a whole.

“The fish tank was our idea, and I’ve been working with Peter to bring it to the market, and it’s an amazing product,” Sabrina said.

“I think people will find a lot of enjoyment in using it, and will understand that fish are our friends, not our enemies.”

The Sabinez family is working on their own fish tank for sale, and the two men plan to continue developing and expanding their product line, with an eye toward the next step of selling more fish tank products.

“We want people to be able to get their fish in the tank, and then we want to have a product that can help them with that, that can protect them from any sort of disease that they might have, that will prevent any sort a problem,” Peter said.

Sabine’s new Fish Therapy product line is available now at Sabine &amp.; Peter Fish Therapys online store and at Amazon.com.

This story is produced by MTV News and was originally published on January 30, 2017.

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