Why are fish therapy experts urging the Government to ban a potentially life-saving treatment?

Why are fish therapy experts urging the Government to ban a potentially life-saving treatment?

CricInfo title Why is fish therapy in Australia so controversial?

article What is a fish therapy?

It is a treatment for fish that is administered by a doctor or dentist, usually on the same day that a fish has a bite or bite-size bite of an invertebrate.

It can be used to treat fish bites or wounds that occur as a result of being handled or in the course of a fish-related activity.

The treatment involves removing the tissue around the bite or wound, as well as the fish, and applying a high-pressure, high-frequency treatment, usually at night, to the affected area.

In some cases, it can even help the fish recover from a potentially fatal bite or injury.

However, fish therapy is not without controversy.

The Australian Government, in response to a series of recent fish-farming deaths, introduced a ban on the treatment in April 2020.

The Government also removed the term ‘fish therapy’ from the Health Department’s definition of fish.

A number of fish species are currently being tested and will be added to the Government’s list of fish-derived medicines to be banned in the future.

But what exactly is a ‘fish treatment’?

The term ‘treatment’ refers to a procedure or procedure that is either an intervention or treatment.

For example, a fish treatment is an intervention that uses an agent to reduce or prevent a fish from eating a food source, such as a fish, shellfish or crustacean.

In a way, fish treatment involves the fish’s body having an effect on the host’s body, and therefore on the environment.

The host then absorbs the agent.

The term is used because the animal that receives the treatment is not necessarily a fish.

Fish therapy is a relatively new and controversial treatment, and is currently used in Australia, in addition to some European countries.

The most common treatment for a fish is the ‘methoxydamma-based treatment’, which involves administering a medication to a fish’s skin or gut.

The medication is applied to the fish and the fish is then immobilised in a plastic bag for two hours.

During the immobilisation period, the fish will be fed either a ‘diet’ consisting of a meal or a diet consisting of the drug.

This is usually supplemented by a diet of a live animal such as tuna or herring.

The food ingested by the fish can also be replaced with a diet containing an animal-derived product.

The drug is then reintroduced into the fish at a later time.

If the fish has not responded to the treatment, the medicine is stopped.

What are the risks?

Fish therapy has been used for decades in Australia.

In the 1980s, it was reported that more than 2,500 people in Australia had died from ‘fish-induced neurotoxicity’ after taking fish therapy.

More recently, in 2017, a case of a man from New South Wales, aged 51, was reported to have died from fish therapy-induced toxicity.

What should I do if I suspect a fish or a person has fish therapy, or if I’m worried about fish poisoning?

Fish therapists should immediately call 999 if they suspect they or a family member has ingested fish therapy or a live fish.

If a fish handler is suspected of taking a fish for therapeutic purposes, contact your local police station.

If you suspect a live or live-associated fish, you should seek medical advice.

Do not feed a fish to anyone.

Fish should only be fed if there is no immediate risk of harm to the person or fish.

The same rule applies to any other live food that has been prepared, packaged or stored in a container or package containing live fish or live products.

What do I do after I’ve taken a fish?

It’s important to avoid consuming the fish for a number of reasons.

First, it is not a good idea to eat or handle fish for the rest of the day.

When a person or animal is treated for fish therapy it can cause immediate distress.

For instance, if you’ve eaten fish, it could cause the fish to become very weak, lethargic or even die.

If there is a risk that the fish could die, it’s best to wait until the treatment ends before you take the fish home.

Fish also have a way of breaking down the food in their stomach.

The stomach of a dead fish will release a large amount of digestive enzymes into the blood stream, which can cause them to become weak and lethargous.

When the stomach is damaged by the treatment the digestive enzymes can then be converted into other compounds that can cause more harm to a person.

If an animal is taken for treatment and the stomach of the fish or other live product has been damaged, there is some chance that the animal may die.

In many cases, the treatment can cause the animal to become too weak to be able to defend itself.

If your pet or child is bitten by a fish and has severe damage to their stomach or

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