Fishing therapy for deafness and deafness-related speech therapy

Fishing therapy for deafness and deafness-related speech therapy

The Australian Medical Association has declared fishing therapy to be an effective alternative therapy to speech therapy, which is commonly used in Australia for people with hearing loss.

The association’s statement said that the therapy, developed by a team of Australian researchers, could help deaf people communicate more effectively.

“The team has developed a novel fishing therapy which provides auditory and visual cues to a person with speech problems,” the statement said.

“It has been successfully tested in the blind and hearing impaired.”

The statement did not mention how much fish oil is used in the treatment, but it said it was effective for a range of conditions, including depression and dementia.

“Fish oil therapy is a relatively new therapy and has not yet been tested in clinical trials,” it said.

“However, the therapeutic potential of this therapy has been recognized by the Australian Medical Advisory Council and the Australasian Audiovisual Auditory Disorders Association.”

There is now an increasing demand for these therapies worldwide.

“The announcement came as research revealed that Australia had lost one in 10 deaf people to the condition, with an estimated 40,000 Australians living with the disease.

A report from the National Hearing Foundation said Australia had more than 5,000 people living with speech or hearing impairment and that more than 20 per cent of those are deaf.”

We need more research and information to determine the best approach for Australians who may have difficulties communicating,” said the foundation’s executive director, Pauline Dampier.”

This research shows that there is a need for the Australian Government to create a framework for research and the use of research-based therapies in the community.


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