‘Fishbowl Therapy’ for fish therapy

‘Fishbowl Therapy’ for fish therapy

TATAYAN, Japan – As a new treatment for fish poisoning has hit the market, the Japanese government is launching a pilot project to evaluate its effectiveness and safety.

The Fishbowl Therapy is designed to teach fish to recognise each other, and also to reduce the spread of the disease.

It is designed for the treatment of freshwater fish species such as salmon, mackerel and herring, which are all vulnerable to infection.

The therapy is administered by an instructor and fishbowls are placed in a bowl to ensure that they can be seen by fish.

The new treatment is being launched in a pilot programme in the southern city of TATRAYAN and will run for four weeks.

The government hopes the therapy will have a broad appeal and will also be a boon to Japan’s economy.

But it has yet to determine the best way to fund the project.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the project was an “ideal way to develop the health and safety of the fish industry”.

“The Fish Bowl Therapy is a simple but effective way to reduce fish-to-human transmission of infection and to ensure the safety of fish,” he said in a statement.TATAYANA, Japan (AP) The Japanese government launched a pilot fish bowl therapy in TATYANA, a southern city in southern Japan, on Monday to test whether a new product could be used to combat the spread the disease of the common cold.

The therapy is designed so that fish can recognise each others and can be taught to identify each other.

The fishbowl is placed in an aquarium, and the instructor walks the fish on the bowl and teaches them to recognize each other and to avoid each other when they see each other in the aquarium.

Abe said the treatment would help prevent the spread, although he did not elaborate on how it would work.

The TATYA project is being run by the government’s fish bowl project, which aims to help the economy by improving the health of fish.

Fishbowls were first used in the 1950s to combat a pandemic that had killed over 80 million people.

The Japanese government hopes to develop a similar system that can be used for the fishbowl therapy.

The trial will run from March to June, with the aim of enrolling 200 fishbowl holders in a trial.

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